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If you have any blankets, coats

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We have seen an increase in the number of homeless, and those living without power at the food pantry. We have those asking for coats and blankets to keep them warm. If you have any that you are not using and would like to donate them to us. We would apperciate it so much. And so would those without power.


You can drop them off today Friday after 4pm, or Sunday from 1pm until 4 pm. Or Monday from 9am until 1pm.

Of if you need me to meet you can leave a message at the food pantry 678-363-7470 or send me a pm. I check my pm's daily. Thanks

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I work with families and foster children and am trying to find a coat and any clothing

for one of the Dad's that truly has nothing. He has mended and remended his two sets of clothes

so much that they are pitiful......

I am looking for coat size 10x

Pants and shirts 7 to 10x

Shoes 13EEEE


Please let me know if anyone has these sizes to donate.


Thanks!!!!!!!!! :wub:

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