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JohnnyJ and I had lunch there on friday.

Everything was perfect, we really were very pleased.


I talked to Theresa last week and explained to her there there had been a lot of talk about the restaurant opening here and that many were looking forward to it.


I explained to her that once the news of them opening hit this site, there would be no chance of them doing a soft opening.


Most places do a soft opening to allow the staff to slowly learn there way around and get accustomed to the new store.


These nice folks have 2 restaurants that are well liked and successful.


They obviously know what they are doing,these are just kinks that anybody would have being as covered up as they are the first few days.


I will definitely go back, the eggplant was perfect as was the traditional sauce served with it.


I love Teresa!! I worked with her at Crystal Springs and was wondering if it was her and her husband that was opening this one!!!

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