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Looking for a house to rent

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They really aren't being specific they live in an area that is not good and drug deals are going down left and right you can't walk out their door without getting a contact buzz from someone smoking pot in the breezeway. She has three boys so I am guessing either a two bedroom baths doesn't really matter....and location she is in Dallas right now but would be fine in New Hope, Villa Rica, Union, Yorkville, Rockmart. She isn't picky just wants to get her and her family out of the area she is in and I really can't blame her.

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There are several For Rent signs around the Yorkville area. I was driving on Holly Springs just two days ago and saw lots of signs specially near Sunset Mountain Sub. of course I don't know any thing about how much a month. Best advice is to ride around get a look at places sometime its a lot better than looking at an ad in the paper or on line.

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