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Mercer on Mission - Moldova

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My daughter is in Macon right now finishing up a week of classes before heading to Moldova for a month. She is leaving Sunday from Mercer heading to Moldova to work in the orphanages there. For those, like me, who have no idea where Moldova is, it is in Eastern Europe between the Ukraine and Romania. Long dang way from home!


Please keep her in your thoughts as she heads out. This momma is a little stressed! Macon wasn't that far away. This is nearly 5,000 miles away. We have signed on with Skype, so I am hoping to hear from her a good bit. Pictures will be posted once she gets home.


Also, she made straight A's this past semester! She had a hard work load with many English classes, including a couple of Honor's classes. Lots, and lots, and lots of reading and papers to write. She handled it like a pro. :D

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