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suspicious truck

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Well on the good side, people were paying attention. Even when one is wrong, who ever reported it did a good thing. :drinks:


Yep, we can never be too cautious when it comes to our children. I'm thankful for PCOM for this exact reason. People actually care enough to take the time to alert others and keep everyones children as safe as possible.

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I sure hope this didn't mess up his investigation. I am a workers' comp adjuster and we use surveillance a lot. I'd be really PO'd if someone messed up one of my cases by alerting the news without a valid reason. The sheriff's department should have been alerted first and, once it was confirmed that this guy was a PI, should have let the people involved know that it was nothing to worry about and not blown his cover.


You can't be too careful where kids are concerned, but sometimes PI work has to be done because of dishonest people. It does sound like he was not a very good PI. If he was, nobody would have really noticed him or become suspicious.

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