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Going Blonde...

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WELL I've decided to become blonde! However, my current hair color is pretty dark reddish brown. Can anyone recommend a color expert that won't cost me an arm and a leg? I also want to get my hair cut...I've attached a pic of the look I'm going for. HELP!!!


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Girl, keep it natural. My husband almost died when I colored my hair blonde. The surprise was on me. Think long and hard about this.

:good: I did this and lets just say OMG. If your hair color is dark reddish brown then it well only come out light reddish color. you may have to bleach your hair first

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Hairazor...by far the best colorist around. And she's just an awesome person.


:good: :yahoo: :clapping: :good: :clapping: :yahoo:


Jeanette @ Salon Rouge

770-842-4510 or PM Hairazor


Master Cosmetologist/Certified Color Specialist

27 years experience



Hours by Appointment:

Tuesday 10-5

Wednesday 10-5

Thursday 12-8

Saturday 8:30-4

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