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  2. I know they have been calling - well at least until I blocked the number.
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  4. I am trying to find out about a political PAC. It is supposedly called the West Ga. Values PAC run by G.Patton Hughes and the Paulding county Democratic party. They are supposedly using it to support Republican candidate for district 13 Boyd Austin against his opponent Jason Antivitarte. I can't find the PAC by google and ll I hear are rumors When I first saw it I thought it was a "Karen" meme it was so ridiculous.
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  7. Hehehe. Makes me think of the Netflix series "Stranger Things" and the "Upside Down" tunnel system, which was filmed in Paulding County at Sleepy Hollow Farm. Does anything good happen around 2:15 AM?
  8. $200.00 to Play.

    you will receive 10 masks for your business

    addl. masks will cost you $5.84 each plus tax


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  9. If the county is giving the choice of the kids doing virtual learning or in person learning then there should not be a waiting list for the virtual learning. Maybe since there is a waiting list that goes to show the school system that most parents are not agreeing with them to send the children back into the schools at this time. Most all other of the counties around us is using their heads for the safety of the kids by using the virtual learning while the numbers of the corona virus is still on the rise. It seems that it would make more since to do the virtual learning with the number of the virus still going up for the safety of the children!!!!
  10. Please keep this on the Front page so that everyone has the opportunity to see it and hopefully be able to partake in this distribution!!! Be Safe Everyone and Have A Blessed Evening!!
  11. "Here is the "Y" behind the WHY" Because it is the RIGHT thing to do. John15:12 If you or you LOVED one would like a FREE Mask (anywhere in the CONTINENTAL United States)Acts1:8 Just send us their Name, Complete mailing address and a contact phone number it would be our pleasure to promptly mail them a mask. WE Truly LOVE "U" and WE Need "U" Matthew 22:39 Blessings over your Family. Cc We Are a Family of Brothers and Sisters ALL Playing in The Same Playgroung is the reason for "US" Giving Away... "FREE" (Washable,Reusable,Handmade,FACECOVERINGs) To Get Your FACECOVERING "SNAIL MAILED" all you have to do is TEXT your Name,Complete Mailing ADDRESS to... 770-833-2175 and "WE" will put a "STAMP"on it and Mail it to you! Blessings From Your "LOCAL" Paulding County Georgia Businesses WE Love "U" and WE Need "U" Please Visit... www.kickthesand.com (to read the "Y" behind the WH)
  12. I can't stand a thief!!!! If that was a Ring Doorbell, they will replace it from what I read in our paperwork!!
  13. Here's a screen capture from the CW series Stargirl. Does anyone know what time it is?
  14. I've confirmed a couple of things. First, the series Stargirl, produced in 2019 for distribution in 2020 is an ongoing sci-fi series produced in Paulding County; presumably at the Paulding studio. Apparently there is some debate as to the nature of this production given its employment of the tunnels. Some think this is just another idiotic conspiracy theory about the tunnels, much like the one centered around Texas and the military operation called Jade Helm back in 2015 that tried to incorporate the Paulding Tunnels. It seems some of the most dramatic videos regarding that were disappeared by Youtube as I recall some of these having massive viewership (over 200,000 views) whereas it is a rare one in the latest search that had over 1000 views. Here is one based on a paulding.com post from way-back when. Now most people don't believe people are being disappeared and any video depiction of such is part of this TV series that some say is produced here and in Georgia generally. That said, the conspiracy theory of tunnels in Paulding that reach out across the south east and nation would be make the disappearing of people somewhat feasible considering the overall lore surrounding the Paulding Tunnels. Maybe someone could ask the gal that is running as the Republican to replace 14th District Congressman Tom Graves since she is in tight with "Qanon," whom I understand is her most trusted source and knows about this kind of stuff. On the other hand, the TV show seems to rate high on rotten tomatoes and IMDB which speaks to either the genius of the powers behind this conspiracy - its a perfect cover - or their professionalism as program producers. I'm going to have to watch to see, 'cause in this world where truth can stranger than fact ...
  15. It twas not I... it was the OLDSCHOOLSLEUTH Cross My you know the rest of the SONG...
  16. Brother NarkDavid... OldSchoolSleuth is on it! I sent them this PHOTOGRAPH... (STBY) have to counterswitch devises... I should be back to post ARTWORK in 10 They say PEOPLE enter and NEVER are seen again!
  17. An apparently frustrated pcom member sent us this video of a person literally stealing the video security cam from her back porch on Confederate Ave at 2:30am I'm thinking Thursday night/Friday morning. She wrote us: Here's the video I'll leave it to the member to identify herself and I'm sure the Dallas PD would be interested in any information on the whereabouts of the perpetrator of this crime.
  18. Good Morning Mike! Today is Sunday Morning... glad you got it taken care of. That was nice of Image Pro Signs! Thank You for sharing! Cc
  19. Hello All, I need help from anyone who can help get a cat out of tree. He is about 10-15 feet up in a small poplar tree crying his heart out. I am at 43 Bethnal Way Douglasville off Ridge rd 404-271-7945. . Animal control does not have the equipment. This is not my cat but hate to see an animal suffer Kudos to Image Pro signs in Dallas, called explained what going on and they come out no charge and got the kitty out of the tree with the sign truck. Thanks so Much Image Pro signs Mike Thanks
  20. I was wondering if anybody else's power went out for just a breif second (3:25-3:30) p.m. and came right back on? Little weird and thought I would see anybody else around here had same thing happen.
  21. Yes they have BINGO on Monday's and Thursday's @ 7:30
  22. Hi everyone! It has been quite awhile since I posted anything but when I realized this I just couldn't help bringing this up and maybe starting a little non--offensive fun. Who remembers all of the discussions on P.com about the Paulding Tunnels? My wife and I were watching the TV show Stargirl because of the local ties and I realized that the Paulding Tunnels are a main feature. It's obvious that the directors and producers of the show found out about the extensive tunnel network under Dallas and Paulding. It looks like there is an entrance somewhere in the basement of the courthouse and a lot of others scattered throughout the area.The bad guys are always going down there to meet up. Has anyone else watched and noticed this?
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