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Upcoming Event

In Granny's Footsteps


First off, I'm all moved into the Soap Barn! I need to take and post pictures. I LOVE IT!


Also -- very soon you'll see a new product for sale: SPA SALT BARS! If you've ever had a salt-glo scrub at a spa, or enjoyed a salt scrub at home, then you'll flip over these bars! They offer a creamy, lotion-like lather that gently tones, exfoliates, lifting and cleansing surface toxins away. They are hard as a rock, smooth as polished granite, and smell wonderful. They are currently in the second phase of recipe testing.... but I'll have them out there soon.


Now, everyone always likes to smell products first before they buy, right? Well come join In Granny's Footsteps for what should prove to be a great community event:


FAMILY FUN DAY - Johnny's Pizza in New Hope on Sunday, July 22. This will be a family event with lots of fun for everyone. All proceeds will go to the Field of Hope team in the Atlanta 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer.


My best friend Jo died of breast cancer. I cannot think of a more worthy cause than this one!


Hope to see you there.


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