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a Picture is Worth 10,000 WORDS! :wub:

Caped Crusader


When The Holy Spirit Talks...do "YOU" listen?
The picture below represents not fewer than X amount of words on how
the Holy Spirit spoke to me as
is Worth 10,000 WORDS! :wub:

 I hope you enjoy, 
Peace Be With You

Holy S
I’m exhausted Because a SENSOR kept throwing an ALARM Code ALL NIGHT LONG and it was blowing up my phone!
(Running on 3 HOURS Of SLEEP)
I called to get the situation handled and the EMC Tech (Sam) told me there were only appointments two weeks out. I said "Well let me go ahead and make an appointment because that sensor has already caused me so much aggravation!" (Just I lost my JOY, I'm HUMAN):rolleyes:
As Sam was starting to make an appointment for 2 weeks out
I said, "It’s a shame that I can't pay an extra $25 like I can with Amazon PRIME for 
quick shipping. Then you would be knocking on my door within the
next 2 Hours." :lol:
Then Sam proceeded to tell me "hold on and let me see what’s available." I was thinking he meant in the next two weeks. :unsure:
When Sam came back on the telephone line he said, "What if I could do better than Amazon? I’ll have a technician out there between one and three!" :good:
At first, I thought I Heard the Holy Spirit telling me to tell SAM,  "WOW! that’s the Holy Spirit, brother."  :angel:
(Then I Hesitated,2nd Guessed MYSELF, allowing the enemy CREEPIN into my MIND)  
(I took a deep breath and gave praise to GOD!!!  Amazing what flashes/goes through your Mind in an instant we ALL do it)
And Out of my mouth I blurted SAM, "WOW! that’s the Holy Spirit, brother."
After that, Sam proceeded to talk to me  about fishing and I didn’t even really bring it up.
He told me about a new fishing reel they make in Japan. It is a BFS Baitcaster that people can go fly fishing with 
on a CREEK BED w/o catching a BUNCH of SQUIRRELS!
How cool is that?
ps. the ENTIRE call to EMC from START to FINISH was only
5 minutes and it AMAZES Me how GOD continuously Speaks to
"US" even though "WE" don't always deserve it!
Every day is a STRUGGLE for ALL of "US" not to lose "OUR" Joy!


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