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Spring cleaning

AllStar Custom Painting


We all heard of the phrase "spring cleaning". But this so true when it comes to the exterior of your home. pollen and debris sit over your windows and doors,in the groove of your siding this causes paint and stain failure which leads to wood rot.We suggest that you pressure wash every year after the pollen falls, this will help to prevent wood decay and prolongs the life of your paints and stains.

Decks need to be protected. Stains need to be reapplied when water stops beeding when wet.

Gutters overflowing is a major risk to your home. Overflowing gutters will rot your overhangs and cause unseen damage,this will cost more in the long run than the price of regular cleanings. We suggest twice a year for homes that have moderate tree growth. More for heavy wooded lots.




AllStar Custom Painting and Pressure washing is serving Paulding,Cobb, douglas counties.


Check us out on the web @ www.allstarcustompainting.com or Call Tim @ (678-641-3049) our estimates are always Free.


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