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From: In all this, one group has been beating the drum of cooperation



The group is called NO LABELS


One of the leaders of it is Mark McKinnon - a Republican - who has been counseling those in congress to compromise. He's been counseling them to stay in Washington so they can get to know other MOC's (Members of Congress). Oh, and they have a program designed to make Congress work.


The first thing on the agenda is a provision that says, No budget, no pay. Congress has to pass a budget before they get paid.


There are a ton of other basically common sense ideas put forth by this 'grass roots' effort that has over 600,000 members.


The idea is to make some structural changes that they, and I, believe will help foster compromise based on developing smart, pragmatic solutions to the problems. A good idea is a good idea regardless of the side of the aisle the idea comes. Heck, one idea is to just change the seating arrangement so that the house is no longer divided by party affiliation.


Incidentally, the group recognizes that everyone need a little trim (including the bankers and bonuses) as we are all in this together and I think the no budget/no pay is the main thrust in that.


Here is a video that explains their ideas better. You'll see folks from Cory Booker (Mayor of Newark, NJ) to Ok. Senator Tom Colburn with a lot of other folks you'll recognize. (None are from Georgia, BTW).



Oh, and I am and have been a member and on their list for a time. I'm going to share an email. It will ask your email and it will send the message attached. If you enter your info, it will then ask you for money but you don't have to contribute. Your voice is enough and I'd rather you keep your money and spend it in Paulding.





With the election over, all the pundits want to know what it means. What do the American people really want?


It’s simple, really. They want our leaders to work together to solve problems.


The No Labels message clearly won the day.


The post-election statements from President Obama, House Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Reid were all notably focused on Democrats and Republicans coming together to avoid the catastrophic fiscal cliff and to cooperate on the numerous challenges facing America.


Right now, our leaders need to know that we support them -- and that we expect their noble words to translate into real action. Join No Labels today to show them that we won’t tolerate the same hyper-partisanship that’s consumed Washington for too long. We can’t afford to wait -- add your name right away.


Please click here to thank President Obama and our leaders in Congress for striking the right tone after the election, and let them know that we expect them to stay focused on problem solving in the months ahead.


You don’t get many second chances in life, but that is exactly what President Obama and our leaders in Congress have been given. Over these last four years, they failed to come together to curb our deficit, to fix our immigration system, to fix our tax code or deal with any number of other pressing issues.


This is their chance to lead and to restore confidence in the future of our country by reaching across the aisle. With a Democratic president and Senate and a Republican House, neither party has enough power to get everything they want. But both have enough power to obstruct the other side.


That means the No Labels way is the only way.


Elections are important, but it’s what happens after the elections that really determines the future of our country. Let’s keep the pressure on Washington to do the right thing.


Click here to thank our leaders for talking about coming together -- and tell them we expect them to walk the walk.


Kick it,






Source: In all this, one group has been beating the drum of cooperation


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