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A Surprise Trip!

In Granny's Footsteps


My dear hubby sprung a surprise on me last night. Not only will our son Dragonboy be leaving this weekend for a week away to Washington DC (gulp! This is the first time he's been away from us for this amount of time, and that far away... first time flying too!!!) BUT dear hubby and I will be going to Sandestin for a few nights! :wub: He won this trip last year and we only had a small amount of time left to use it or it would have expired, so just the two of us are going. :)


So, Soap'Granny won't be making as much soaps and sundries next week as I thought I would! I'll be gone from Saturday till Wednesday. I can fill orders and answer questions upon my return. I'm sure I'll be rested and relaxed. ;)


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