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Paulding County Republican Party Candidate Qualifications (?)



To: Mr. Gullett: Chairman Paulding County Republican Party


Ms. Everhart: Chairman Georgia Republican Party



From: Michael R. James: District 19 Republican House Seat Candidate



I have been referred to as the "Mystery Man" candidate for the House Seat in District 19, Paulding County. With that being said, I would like to pose a hypothetical question, to both of you. If it were revealed, that I had been arrested for Insurance Fraud, Simple Battery and had a Federal Tax Lien against me, would you still have let me join the Republican Party, as a Candidate to represent District 19 in Paulding County, as well as the State of Georgia? Of the three candidates for the District 19 House Seat, who are you currently supporting? Will you please support me? Thank You, Michael



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