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My ramblings at 4:52 A.M. when I can't sleep...again



Every now and again the universe decides to send you a day that just smacks you around a bit, a day that leaves you bruised and a little more broken on the inside than you were before. You know, the type of day that just reminds you how truly insignificant you are in this great, big universe and reminds you exactly where you are on everyone else's lists of priorities. I suppose that these days are good in a way--they assist us in keeping our egos in check, help us to re-evaluate priorities of our own, and ultimately pound home the idea that we are truly alone in this world. I realize that the last part of that statement is perhaps a tad pessimistic; however, it has nonetheless never been more apparent to me than right now. We come into this world alone. We die alone. And, to be perfectly honest, we go through most of the sh*t in our lives alone, too. Yes, we may have others who provide an audience for the trials and tribulations sprung on us by this thing called human existence--hell, we may even be lucky enough to have someone who has been through/experienced a similar situation and can empathize with us during "our time of need." But, when it all comes down to it, we are alone. No one else feels what we feel exactly the same way we feel it. No one can really help us work through the demons running amuck in our heads. No one is walking the path of life in exactly the same way at exactly the same time that we are. Perhaps this is the price we pay for individuality? I suppose the best we can really hope for is to have one or two empathetic people who claim to 'be there' for us--if you have even one, count yourself lucky--more than one, truly blessed. I, however, have realized that I am completely and utterly without such a person. Perhaps the events of the day have just been a gentle reminder from the universe to start rebuilding/strengthening/fortifying the walls that I am so fond of or perhaps this whole blog is proof positive that I need more sleep. Either way, it's something on which to ponder... -_-


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I was just wondering ,but I don't think if your at this time of the morning ,that your supposed to be pondering <seems kinda dangerous ,not sleeping well again I see ,Just thought I'd say Hi!

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Wow, I just discovered this section. Your post really touched me. Your a very inspirational, moving writer. You should blog more often! smile.gif

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Hi there.. I ran across your blog and i couldnt help myself but to respond I really hope that it helps you go thru your trials..


Let me start by saying we are not Alone I personally found that out several years ago when I was in a place like you are refferring to, We have a creator and He is also our father in heaven and he is on a very personal level with you but the only way that we can acknowledge that is to turn to him for your every need and also your dissapointments, and there will be plenty in this broken world that we live in and also plenty blessings once i deciided to turn to God for my problems he made me realize that no matter what happens on this earth I will always have the assurance that paradise waits for me..


Hope This makes your day better!!

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