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Bold Red Tent flyer





What is a Bold Red Tent?

A red tent…mothers voices…intimacy…truth.


BOLD's Red Tent event concept is simple: gather women under a "red tent" to listen to mothers' birth stories and then record their stories (in film, written word or visual expression) as part of the BOLD Library of Birth Truths. A BOLD Red Tent event is an excellent opportunity for communities throughout the world to be BOLD any time of the year and will showcase our community's local birth stories.


Woman of all ages from all over the community with all types of experiences and backgrounds will gather together in a safe, non judgmental, private and empowering space - A Bold Red Tent.

We will enjoy light refreshments, community building, information, resources and our birth stories together.


What does a Bold Red Tent gathering accomplish?

When we gather together as a community we are facilitating community building, growth, friendships and understanding of those around us. When we share together the personal and deep feelings we have over something so meaningful as our births in a safe and empowering atmosphere we create an environment for learning about the past and our beliefs, for understanding how much our births meant to us, for growth in understanding how birth has changed over the years and where we are headed as far as options for woman go. Coming together under the Bold Red Tent will facilitate Community, Growth, Healing, Understanding and Empowerment.


Cost: Free! (sign-up info below)


Donations will be accepted to benefit Greater N. Atlanta HB Meet up and GA Friends of Midwives to help provide more events like this in the community.






September 27th, 2008

* Time: 1:00 PM till 7:00 PM (Bold Red Tent to start at 4:00 PM)

1:00 till 3:45 - Film (Orgasmic Birth) SPONSORED BY: The Pregnancy Massage Center www.pregnancymassage.com


*Film will start at 1:30

* Place: 370 Wilderness Camp Rd SE

White, GA 30184 at the Cherokee Retreat Center

Host: N. Atlanta Homebirth Meetup




CONTACT and SIGN-UP: Sonya Pailes miraclstor@aol.com


Come join us, Gret Food, Great door prizes, touching stories, educational film, netwroking, gift bags, community building!


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