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IGF's has new stuff coming!

In Granny's Footsteps





Greetings from S. Georgia!


Beginning this coming week, I'll be in full production mode for the holidays. On top of the scents I normally carry, I'll be adding these new ones to the mix:


~ Citrus Bliss: The base of this soap is Yuzu, which is a Japanese Grapefruit, and it has a very strong and bright fragrance. Unlike regular grapefruit, Yuzu is a hybrid of grapefruit and mandarin, so it's got additional perfume notes. But not just mandarin or tangerine, it's got a grapefruit blossom top note. This soap will feature cranberry seeds too! Lovely!


~ Twisted Clean: This fragrance is awesome, different, and yes, a little "twisted"! Top notes of grapefruit and lime, with middle notes of fresh cucumber, guava, and passionfruit, and base notes of wasabi, cilantro, and fern. The wasabi gives you a kick in there that makes this such a different aroma. It's described as a very fresh and clean green scent with a touch of freshly picked herbs topped a slight citrus twist.


~ Persephone (Pomegranate): Something I always looked forward to being "in season" in the grocery store growing up were pomegranates. I loved them! I can recall popping those gem-like seeds in my mouth... juicy.... sweet... tart. The pomegranate is also an ancient fruit with a rich history in myth, symbol, art, medicine and religion. This soap will have that sweet tart aroma, while still be luxurious and wonderful for your skin.


~ Nanny's Chai: This will be a goat's milk soap fragranced with the spicy aroma of Chai Tea. This is a very complex scent which begins with top notes of spicy cinnamon bark and nutmeg; followed with a body of fresh green tea; finished off with the aroma of creamy milk.


~ Island Coconut: This is a sweet and fruity tropical coconut.... will remind you of those days on the beach, suntan lotion on, radio playing.... cold drink nearby. Always a classic scent! This soap will also not only feature coconut oil, and coconut butter, but will also contain coconut milk!


~ Granny's Pine Tar: I will be making it soon with no other additives than the pure Pine Tar. No essential oils, to help those with extra sensitive skin! <Unsure at this time whether or not I'll make it w/ the EOs in it as well.>


~ I'm also adding two new lip-smacking lip balm flavors: Pina Colada, and Juicy Pineapple.


LOTIONS/BALMS[/b][/u] -- I'm going to have an under eye cream (with eye pillows that can be used cold or hot) and a facial serum, a new Goat's Milk Lotion, and will be featuring my Dry Patch Skin Balm in convenient tubes for easy application!


BATH-SALTS: I continue to make bath-salts to order, your choice of fragrance or added botanicals -- either non bubbling and bubbling. They feature both Dead Sea Salts, as well as Mediterranean Spa Salts. This is a combination that your body will thank you for! I have GORGEOUS frosted glass jars you can purchase your salts in if you choose, complete with a wooden scoop. You have the option of receiving the bath-salts in a bag as well. Will have prices worked up shortly for the website.



So, stay tuned! Lots of fun stuff bubbling my way. :D Don't forget that I ship anywhere, priority boxes.


IF YOU WISH TO PLACE AN ORDER FOR A GIFT BASKET, please do so before Nov. 1. I will work with you one on one to determine what products you'd like in the baskets, that will work for your budget.


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:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:



I received it yesterday... the FO... and WOW! It's a coconut like Pina Colada coconut! It puts me right on the beach when I smell it... it's creamy, coconuty, with a hint of maybe pineapple juiciness toss in!!! YUMMY!!!!!!!


I'm in love with all the new scents..... they are AWESOME! Can't wait to start soaping them this next week. Woo-hoo! And new juicy, luscious lip-balm flavors too. :D

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