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Updated "About Me"

In Granny's Footsteps


I thought I'd post here our newly updated "About Me" section for our Commerce Membership. :)



In Granny's Footsteps is a cottage based business located in SE Georgia, with strong roots in the Paulding County area. We are still property owners in the area, and strong supporters of Paulding.com. We spent over 20 years as residents, and have family and many friends still in the area.


IGF was founded as an official business in October of 2006. Before that, IGF existed as the passion and handicraft of our soap artisan, Rebecca Stanford. She has been making soap for the last 15 years, with an emphasis on more naturally based, "old-timey-goodness" bars for the last 6 years. She has spent a great deal of time in field testing of her products, and formulation of all her recipes. IGF uses only the best fixed oils, specialty oils, aromatherapy grade essential oils, trusted fragrance oils, natural colorants, and organic herbs, many of which are homegrown at IGF. Rebecca has devoted much of the last 21 years of her life to the research and application of herbs, aromatherapy oils, natural-healing, and eco-friendly products.


IGF will be building a new "green" soap studio in S. GA. The house and studio is passive-solar designed, and will be calling upon many green/eco-friendly techniques in its construction. We aim to make IGF more and more eco-conscious, while maintaining our ever steady devotion to quality, handmade, natural products for your family.


Please visit our website for more information and current stock. We are always available to work with you one on one in the development of a product/soap to suit your particular needs as well. We look forward to sharing with you the benefits of quality, handmade, natural products!


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