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I've been BLOGGED! Cool-beans.

In Granny's Footsteps


IGF's soaps were recently featured in a fellow artist/crafter's blog, and I couldn't be more flattered, or excited about that. This is an IGF first! :D


Read Shai's Creations July 4th blog:



I believe in supporting fellow crafters and artisans. I love the art.craft community, having come out of the fine arts community education wise. It's a lot of fun to chat and share ideas, and to see what other amazing things creative folks are coming up with. Shai makes all sorts of things, from the cutest bows to tutu dresses that lil'girls will adore! I have a feeling that she could sew up and make about anything you could imagine, and it would have that unique flair, of that you can bet! Check her out. :)


Shai's Creations




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