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Playing dumb IS really dumb...



More and more these days I am struck with the wanning intelligence of our society as a whole. I suppose what grinds my nerves the most are those who continually "play dumb." I always have to ask myself the question, "Are they really playing? And, if they are, then what do they possibly hope to gain from doing so?" I have come to the conclusion then, that one can not simply "play" dumb without actually being stupid. Sadly there are enough folks out there who simply lack real mental capacity--real intelligence; we simply do not need more. Too bad those who decide to "play dumb" aren't actually "dumb," meanining unable to speak. At least then we wouldn't be tortured with listening to them.


Now, please do not confuse "dumbness" or stupidity with ignorance. Ignorance can be corrected through education. Stupid is fo-eva!


Just my thought for the day! 8)


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