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Granny's Pine Tar Soap: Testimonial

In Granny's Footsteps


I just received another testimonial about my Granny's Pine Tar Soap, and I couldn't be more pleased. It really means a lot to me when people benefit from my products.


I thought I'd share it here as well as on my website:


"I developed rosacea after I had shingles this past year and it totally changed my complexion. The shingles were on the left side of my face and this area was the most affected by the rosacea. My dermatologist gave me a couple medicines and they helped a little bit but I decided to try your Pine Tar Soap and it was the best thing I ever did! It cleared it up almost instantly.


I can honestly say that I can go without makeup as long as I wash with that soap. Something about it gives my skin the right amount of moisture and brings out the "good" color in my face. I don't even need to use the expensive topical medicine anymore! I even find myself washing my face more because it makes my skin feel so much better.


My daughter was having a lot of problems with her acne and I let her use the Pine Tar Soap and it has helped her so much as well. So much so that she stole my other bar! Thank you for giving my skin back and more!"

~ Christy Balcombe. Douglasville, GA


I'll be in production next week of certain scents (Granny's Pine Tar included!), and placing an order otherwise for supplies. :)


Hopefully we'll be building our house soon! Hoping that the place in Hiram will sell, so we can get started. With the market a little slower than we like, it is just taking time. Put the good mojo towards the sell of the home, and if you know anyone that wants a sweet-sweet place in the heart of Hiram, boy, do I know the property for you!


Hope you're enjoying your summer, having fun with the family, and remembering to give thanks for all your blessings!


My Heart,




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