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Courthouse Tour Supplement



Courthouse Tour Supplement


As I said, you have to be impressed with the new Courthouse and Administrative building complex. Overall the planning and quality seems to be very good. There was however, one point that did concern me that I needed to get some more clarification on.


There does not seem to be a Board of Commissioners public meeting room at either building. In asking the “powers that be” why there was no plan for such a room was told first that the Board meetings were going to take place in the old Courthouse in downtown Dallas. Well, that confused me because my understanding was that that building would be part of the new combined college class rooms plus the court room would have to be reconfigured. I then was told that no, they will continue to be held at the Chamber building and then moved to the new community building which will be constructed at the new airport.


Now here we are spending millions of dollars to build a state of the art complex that will hold ALL Department heads under one roof. This seems very logical because it will be more efficient and cut travel of administrators around the County. But it does NOT seem logical to me to then move the same Department heads down the road for these public meetings a couple times a month. Not to mention the inconvenience for the public to drive half way to Rockmart.


There is one large meeting room on the second floor of the Administrative building that could be configured for this need. It is large enough and already wired and set up with high tech audio and visual equipment.

This space must be given consideration as a public Commission meeting room NOW before the building is completed.


What are your thoughts?


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I do think that public meetings should be conducted in the public space and that solution sounds feasible.


I've always felt that the location below the Chamber was a bit odd for the commission to meet.


This is pubby posting under a test membership to make sure that public comments are possible on Mr. Lindsay's blog.



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I too agree that the Commissioner meetings need to be a the new complex. With State funding vetoed for the airport building, the public should as you said Mr. Lindsay have a one stop shop for everything.

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