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Well, this week is the moment of truth for this election cycle……. qualifying. All candidates for elected office must file their ”Declaration of Candidacy and Affidavit” then plunk down some money to run. In the sheriff’s race alone that is thousand of dollars.


As I make my daily travels through the County talking and listening to voters I can’t help but take notice of the ever growing “yard sign battle” taking shape. I must admit if the election was based on how many signs can be put up on vacant lots I would be behind. But I don’t believe that the voters of Paulding County who are seeking the best people to lead us into the future will be making their decisions based on signs. No, they are going to look at who is best qualified to bring independent forward thinking and fiscal responsibility to the Board of Commissioners. I believe that I have that ability and experience.


Ok yes, I do have some signs and would be happy to have one placed in your yard or business. I do however, only have a limited number (smile) so better call me soon.


Asking for your vote and support,


John Lindsay

770 222-2167


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