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My campaign for Post III in the County Commissioner’s election is picking up momentum. Many questions are being asked about my platform in this very important special election. Motivated by progressive and enlightened self-government, I am taking this opportunity to share some specific ideas that we share as concerned citizens.


Issues or Opportunities?


Clearly, we have many opportunities together in moving Paulding County to the next level. The focus needs to be on opportunities and not on issues. An issue is commonly a problem. I prefer to think that we are preparing ourselves for a future that can be better managed and controlled with solid public policy and capable independent leadership.


Water Resources


Our opportunity with water, as a strategically important natural resource, is limited only by our capacity to tap what is rightfully ours to use and enjoy. Together, we can create adequate storage capacity and prepare this resource for domestic use as well as economic development. With solid planning and analysis, the cost/benefit ratio will clearly fall into the “opportunity” category.


Sewage Treatment Plant


The Copper Mine treatment facility has issues that can be resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned, especially our citizens who live nearby. The facility is aging fast. Upgrading and environmentally sound solutions are in progress and should be expedited to make an asset that is vital to our strategic infrastructure. We must move the economy of our county into the 21st century’s competitive landscape. Competition for commercial and industrial development is strategically critical. The county that addresses its infrastructure is the county that wins the battle for the next “opportunity”. Sewage treatment can “smell” good when the past meets the future without hesitation.


Public Safety and Transportation


As we grow, the opportunity to improve safety for all our citizens is obvious. The need is expanding as population and traffic volume grows. Our adult and youth populations are at greater risk than is justified. Recruiting and retention of our law enforcement and fire protection resources are always opportunities waiting to be realized. Our school bus age students and teen drivers deserve the best we can offer in an environment that must be controlled by good planning and policy directives.



Tax Base Diversification


The best opportunities for Paulding County are in the future if…...we work together to avoid becoming known as a commuter county for Atlanta. Paulding people have always been independent and hard working. Our citizens should expect no less of those who serve their interests. The best public servants seize these opportunities, not for themselves, but for others who support the system through property and sales taxes. The property tax base is an opportunity that can grow proportionately greater when we secure our rightful share of these big commercial and industrial projects that are going to our competitor counties.


Economic Development


Our opportunity at the table with other local and state agencies is great. We must meet the challenge of assembling the right team of public and private groups, better communicate and plan with the Board of Education to move Paulding to the next level. Public policy dictates that strong, independent leaders are critical at this time in Paulding’s history. We will attract jobs to us when we decide as a people to compete rather to commute. First, we decide together and then action and implementation will follow the policies that your leaders implement.


Growth Control


I do not advocate uncontrolled growth. It is cancerous and eats away at the fabric of our quality of life. Controlled growth through positive, opportunity seeking leaders is a prerequisite to the future. I am retired and available to devote the energy and the time to being an independent, free thinking Paulding County Commissioner. If elected, I pledge to be not only independent but to work interdependently with others to create the future you expect and deserve.


I look forward to serving you, I sincerely ask for your vote on July 15 and your influence with others until this opportunity for all of us becomes reality. “The Past Is But Prologue” are words engraved on the exterior of The Library of Congress. Put another way, we ain’t seen nothing yet! The best is yet to be if we take advantage of our opportunities.




John Lindsay


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