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Days 1 & 2



Yesterday my boyfriend and I started using Chantix to stop smoking. I have been hearing great things about it and our physician, who is normally very skeptical, agreed that Chanitx was a great drug and was more than happy to write us the prescriptions. Last night my boyfriend recommended that we blog about our experience.


So here goes:


Saturday 1/5/08 Day 1: I took the pill in the morning as instructed and didn't give it a second thought. I have no idea if it was the psychological effects of knowing that I took the pill, but I noticed a marked decrease in my desire or need to smoke. Even when we went to our favorite bar last night, I smoked considerably less than normal in that environment. I did find that I was a bit queasy by the end of the evening but I thought that might have been the one gin and tonic that I drank since I haven't had alcohol in approximately 2 months. After speaking to a friend that has been on Chantix longer than me, he suggested that the alcohol interacting with the drug could have been the issue. Also, he explained that I might want to eat more when I take the pill. I will try that.


Sunday 1/6/08 Day 2: I took the pill a bit later this morning because I slept in. So far I have smoked more today than yesterday but I know that's because it's habit. I really don't have a desire to smoke right now. The four or so I've had this morning weren't enjoyable and I didn't completely smoke the entire cigarette after the first one. Tomorrow is the last day of only taking one .5 milligram pill. After that we take two .5 milligram pills for the remainder of the week.


Recommended Comments

My husband and I started taking chantix the 1 st of December by the third week he had completely stopped smoking and he quit taking the pill (That was a mistake) I was only smoking 2-3 a day and kept taking the pill, well that continued for about 3 weeks and I stopped taking them also. This weekend he picked the cigarettes up and I find myself smoking more. Like today I've had Four and it's only 11:00 am. This morning were taking the pill again. My advice is not to stop taking the pill until your for sure that you've quit without a cigarette for alleast a month. I have to take the pill with food other than that everythings fine. I do eat alittle more when I'm not smoking but thats's to be expected. We all just have to set our minds to it and believe we'll be non-smokers soon enough. Good Luck! and don't stop taking the pill.

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I have a prescription and am thinking about picking it up I really want to quit but it is so hard. It is good to know that maybe we can push each other to quit. I was sceptical but now after looking into it and reading more I think I am ready too.

thanks for the push, hell maybe i will blog too.

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