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More John Wayne Lore: The Bracelet



For John Wayne fans, this may be interesting: While filming The Green Berets, Duke was given a special "Montagnard" (pronounced 'Mountain-yard') bracelet by the "A-Team" which served as advisors for the film. He told their captain that from that day forward he would never take it off, and you can see that bracelet worn on his wrist in every film since "Berets". The story of that bracelet and another is here: http://www.jwplace.com/bracelet.html


I own and wear one of those bracelets, and it is one of the last made by a Montagnard silversmith.


The Montagnard people helped train our soldiers in jungle warfare, and the US government promised to re-settle them in our country, a promise we re-neged on after that war ended. Subsequent sales of that bracelet went to financially support that promise, and you may read about it here: http://www.montagnards.org/.


Land for the re-settlement of the Montagnards has been purchased, and those same Strike Force people who are now retired are still hard at work supporting the Montagnard tribe, as they supported our troops during the Viet Nam years.


Much has been written about John Wayne, but whether pro or con "hawk" or "dove", one cannot deny he supported the American soldier with all his heart, even though he himself never served.


One can hear this great American on a cd called America, Why I Love Her, and if you listen to it, then you know how patriotic he was.


Edited to add: Much of the poetry/prose on that cd was written by Jim Mitchum, brother of the late Robert.


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