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Thank you! (And a great secret!)

In Granny's Footsteps


I wanted to say a big THANK YOU

to all the IGF Customers who have shared their personal comments

about our products for our website. (Keep them coming!)

I really appreciate your continued support, and encouragement.

You are simply the best!







Shhh! IGF's got a secret!




My soaps are going to be featured very

soon as part of the "Cabin Life"

Living History Program at the

historic Pickett's Mill State Park!


I'm so very excited to be asked

to have my soaps featured

as part of this hands-on

educational program.


A brief description about this program:

"The Cabin Life program takes place

in an 1850's cabin located off

the White Trail (loop). The program is

oriented towards the lifestyles of

the civilians who once lived during the

1850's on what is now Pickett's Mill

Battlefield State Historic Site. The program

portrays the cooking, sewing, gardening,

and cleaning styles of the 1850's. Candle

making, livestock raising, and other

aspects of the 1850's lifestyle are also portrayed."


My Granny would be proud. :)


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