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The About ME - Where I come from ...

Since I didn't grow up in Paulding County and can't talk about how my family settled this area, let me start my backgrounder with my family history, which incidentally does involve this part of Georgia back in the 1820s. I've never shared this in any sort of concise form so bear with me. I wouldn't call it a politicians tale.   Born in Arkansas; I was the youngest son - I have one brother - and youngest "cousin" of the extended family. My mother and father - my father was also the youngest -



Obamacare flack targeted at Michelle Nunn

This video which seeks to cream Michelle Nunn for her support of Obamacare is an effort to hurt the lady's chances this fall as the GOP runs on the belief that America had the best health care in the world until ... drumroll ... obamacare. Of course that is, was and has been debatable despite the efforts of the industry to perpetrate that lie through sheer media weight. But maybe that's untrue. If anything, this interview with Fox News Todd Wilemon, a Fox News commentator and managing director



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