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What's with the FREE MONEY from the Pcom ATM?

Businesses: Want to draw a crowd?
Book the Paulding.com ATM machine for your open house or event. Nothing brings a crowd like the prospect of 'free money' and that is what Pcom's ATM machine is all about. Call 770-505-8544 for details.
Paulding.com distributed over $100 in FREE MONEY Saturday at the Trick or Treat Village and at the Pcom Halloween Party later that night. Each topic in this forum titled the serial number of the PCOM bill. Each official bill has its own unique serial number and that is the name of the topic.  

Only Pcom administrators can open new topics in this forum.

That said, we're encouraging businesses to 'sponsor' specific dollar bills by posting a 'special' deal for that specific dollar.

For instance, some selected bills will buy a pcom member plus membership (Red). 

Once a bill is redeemed, the business sponsoring it should put that dollar back in circulation allowing more 'deals' for this coupon.

Ultimately, these dollars will circulate in Paulding County and beyond. Those from other places may register and tell us where this money has gone through time.

Check your one-dollar bills for the word Paulding.com written on them. Then search the number

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