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Caped Crusader

Please Join US on Saturday Sept 7th at the DIANNE WRIGHT INNOVATION CENTER

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Please Join US on Saturday Sept 7th..... 8:30 am:hi:


Google DW Icenter.jpg




If you can Rake Leaves... it would be a BLESSING to have your Help & Support.

Cold Water is ALWAYS  Welcome!



The right side was CLEARED a couple of weeks ago and GOD willing we will finish

the LEFT side on Saturday Sept 7th.


It was AMAZING to witness the LIFE Change of a few of the young people that made the time to

help on this project a couple of weeks ago. What I mean by that, after they heard the story of

why we were doing what we were doing there . :wub:


I am enclosing some past HISTORY as to why we will be there

on Saturday Sept 7 2019 (In case you are NOT aware)


I'm Truly Blessed to Live, Work and Play in this Community

the People are inspiring!


Bus Drivers Prayer

P.COM is Invited to Honor BUS#24

Another Link Here on PAULDING.com




Those YOUNGER Disciples wanted to finish the left side on the same day.


Thankful for WISER (OLDER) Disciples to break it up, so it didn't break us.


In a perfect world, Saturday the 7th of SEPT 2019 will actually be Phase 1 of 5

of the Dianne Wright Innovation Center makeover.


Stay Tuned for future posts and thank you in advance for your continued support.







What Do You See NOW.jpg

DW 1.jpg  BEFORE


right side.jpg  AFTER


DW 3.jpg  People HONKING! :good:


2.jpg  Father and SONS :wub: 







DW 3.jpg


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Was there a time frame posted or did I overlook it? Which could be a good possibility!! (Where'd those emoji's go to??)

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3 hours ago, Mrs G said:

Was there a time frame posted or did I overlook it? Which could be a good possibility!! (Where'd those emoji's go to??)

8:30 to Noon depending on weather also depends how many hands we have. :good:


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BELOW are some pictures from YESTERDAY @ The Dianne Wright Innovation Center!

Not 1 TURTLE was hurt in this project! :wub: 


A BIG Shout-out to the YOUNG People who helped us accomplish

this service project and to the LOCAL's who live on BETHEL Church Road

(I have NEVER seen such a TRASH FREE Gulley roadside!):wub:









                                                                                                      BEFORE :(

Not Cleared 8.7.2019.jpg



















                :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:PHASE 1 Complete!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:


In a perfect world there will be 5 PHASES to the DIANNE WRIGHT Innovation Center Makeover... the HARD Part is DONE!



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