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Caped Crusader

Friendly Fire in PAULDING County GA...YOU Betcha!

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There is MUCH MORE to the STORY....



1st things FIRST

if YOU have NOT posted here on Paulding.com

in the last 53 DAYS...WHY NOT?!?!

You see, in years PAST...

this website known as Paulding.com

brought much JOY to this Community we

call Paulding County Georgia.





(In Other words... SPEAK FREELY so a

6 year old is entertained and NOT Offended

and before YOU ask.. I am calling Caped Crusader

a 6 year old and I'm able to LAUGH @ that!


I am

TRULY Thankful) :wub:


with that being said and out of the WAY :unknw::crazy::good:


Soooo.... If You Have NOT Posted here on Paulding.com  here in the LAST 53 DAYS

:unknw:WHY NOT?!?! :unknw:

If this is your 1st post since the NEW Ownership has taken over Paulding.com on 7.1.2019

We would like to thank you for taking the time to do so and if you take ADVANTAGE

 of  the $2.00 OFF of Sticker Purchase (thru 8.30.2019) as this website was / is created with

YOU the Community in mind as it is TRULY a website that takes on the CHARACTER of It's COMMUNITY!:wub:


Please keep OUR Mission Statement



at the time of this POST

we have been DRAMA FREE for 168 HOURS!!!!


:yahoo:WOO HOO!!! :yahoo:


We TRULY want to thank you for believing in US

and supporting the NEW Paulding.com.


Have a BLESSED Day!





Go check out our STORE  :wub::good:














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