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Do Family Courts Encourage Child Abuse?

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Excellent article from TownHall.com on the effects of pathogenic parenting. So many parents have no idea what this is... until it happens to them. Georgia happens to be one of the worst states for having this occur. Many Georgia judges are bad for families and bad for kids. Paulding County Superior Court is no exception.



Make no mistake what happens when parental alienation occurs. A child, who may previously have had a perfectly normal and loving relationship with both parents, is put in the position of being forced to choose one and reject the other, often through manipulation. When parental alienation occurs adults are often deceiving their children to reject and even hate a parent they love.

Child psychiatrist Dr. Sol Goldstein says of parental alienation, "It's actually the worst form of child abuse." The doctor of four decades-worth of experience adds, "It's causing distortions in the mind," and "...these distortions also work on the character, it alters the character of the child, so later on they have difficulties of every level of interpersonal relationships and personal thoughts about themselves. It's the most awful form of abuse and has to be recognized as such."

Imagine: You loved your children and cared for them as all good parents do. But now your child will not speak to you. Will not even look at you. Will have nothing to do with you. Very little you say or do makes any difference or wins their trust back. Many parents face this every day because the family court system can pit parent against parent.



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