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PAULDING County leaders agree on need for closer collaboration on growth's impact on schools

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PAULDING County leaders agree on need for closer collaboration on growth's impact on schools


Please click to read the entire article on the west Georgia neighbor.

The Paulding County Commission chairman and school district superintendent agreed they want to continue discussing how their two departments can better collaborate on location of new residential areas.

Carmichael said he wants county government and school district administrators to informally meet for an “exchange of ideas.”

“Bottom line … we are committed to collaborating together to achieve greater success,” he said.

The county school board recently approved placing on the Nov. 5 ballot renewal of the countywide 1% Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for education, in part to generate funds to build a new middle school and add to existing schools to relieve overcrowding in northeast Paulding schools.



The document included a section on desired future land use but only guides commissioners’ future decision-making on zoning and does not legally require them to follow it..




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Please take the time to read the entire article. The information contained in it impacts our taxes.

My take away from this article,

Those of us that remember the pre-reccession building boom then the actual recession understood some truths that may have been forgotten.

Our county was hit especially hard due to home builders reigning as the king of industry here. We were still required by state law to build schools for the children that recently moved to Paulding. 

We found later that most of the prime real estate in Paulding had gone to residential development.  After that much of our infrastructure and prime real estate went to retail and restaurant neither of which impacts our tax digest in any significant way.

It was brought to our attention that our lack of industrial growth had left us in pretty bad shape.

It looks like to me that we are vulnerable to being in the same predicament endlessly. The way that this article reads they can create plans, have discussions with the BOE, IBA and any other department effected by their zoning and land use decisions, but there is no law that restricts their ultimate decision. 

So we just trust that we have elected people to the BOC to make the best decision rather than create laws that make them seek agreement from other county entities that are allowed to tax us, and in-debt us to meet the needs of our citizens.

I have to say the lack of law here concerns me greatly. It leaves a lot of room for suspicion of motivation when these decisions are made. It pushes accountability in tidy little circle that lacks true accountability.


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