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Baby attacked and killed by family dog

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Baby attacked and killed by family dog


HALL COUNTY, Ga. - The Hall County Sheriff's Office says a 22-day-old baby has died after being attacked by a dog inside her family's home.

The sheriff said the attack happened at a home on Gillsville Highway, in a bedroom where the 3-week-old girl was sleeping.

The baby was rushed to Northeast Georgia Medical Center with serious injuries, where she died, officials said.

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I can't imagine what this family is going through to lose their infant child and family pet. It is hard to imagine your pet attacking your child. At the end of the day a pet is an animal with instincts and you just never know when they will kick in. I have seen dogs kill a cat they have lived with for years. I see pictures of toddlers laying on large dogs on the internet all the time. It always freaks me out most people can't read their dogs when the animal is getting nervous. I can only pray for this family and share the experience so others don't suffer.

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Yeah, there is really not a reason for a baby or toddler to even interact with a dog until they are old enough to understand that it is not a plaything and can be hurt or agitated by the child's actions/behavior. A dog's prey drive can be easily aroused by a squealing, running child or a crying baby.


And some dogs by nature simply do not do well with children, period.


That this tragedy might have been avoided by the simple act of closing the bedroom door makes it that much more heartbreaking.

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