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Tourism Projects Manager?

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The Board of Commissioners have drafted a Resolution this year (19-04) to create a new department in the county called the "Office of Economic Development and Business Opportunity" or "OEDBO". (It appears our government sucks at acronyms.)


According to the resolution, It's purpose shall be to to identify, attached and location new business into Paulding County and to promote the general welfare by facilitation and engaging in efforts to increase trade, industry, agribusiness, commerce, tourism and improve county employment opportunities.


All of which I would agree are needed.


However, it also states: "Given the important of tourism in promoting economic development, there is also created within the Office of Economic Development and Business Opportunity the position of Tourism Projects Manager. "


I'm wondering just what in the county would be considered something a "tourist" would drive to Paulding County to see? The job posting mentions festivals and events, the only major one I know of is the Paulding Meadows Arts and Crafts. We have the Picketts Mill Battlefield and park, but I don't see that as a major draw.


Is there something I'm missing? What tourist attractions do we have? is this worth a full time position?

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Speaking of local draws and tourism and gossip (OK THAT ones mine and mostly what this is about). A couple three weeks ago I was coming down 278 to turn next to tbe hospital. Coming up nb at the light there, was a county truck and on the back of that truck was a number of beige posts with signs that read "No Stopping or Standing".

Has our boys star dropped that far just as he got back on TV?

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