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Who is your Natural Gas Marketeer?

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Our 24 month plan runs out this month, so looking around to see who's best now.


Been with Walton EMC Gas the last 2 years.


Looking at the PSC chart for Feb: PCS_GAS_CHART


Some outfit called "Constellation Energy" has a 24 month rate at .48 a therm vs Walton's .57 a therm. Anybody using Constellation? I'm a little concerned that their web page says the Energy Type is Electricity, for 0.365 a therm. If they can't figure out if they are selling Gas or Electricity, I wonder if they can keep my bill straight. $150 cancellation fee.


I can get a free umbrella from Walton for a 24 month contract, or a "free" LED lantern for a 12 month. $200 cancellation fee for 24 month, $100 fee for 12 months at the same rate.


Who are you using?

Who are you using?

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Gas South, no problems in the second year with them.


Highest bill so far around $80 last year when we had all that snow, but I have a small house and am gone all day with the heat lowered to about 65. I believe my rate is around .54 per therm. And there were months in the summer where I paid about $25 to have $0 gas delivered to my residence.


Still not as bad as the fees Ga Power added to my bill at my previous home - but I did come to understand why they were willing to pay customers who heated with gas to put in an electric heat pump. :rolleyes:

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