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Collusion ?

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#1 CitizenCain


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Posted 09 January 2019 - 11:37 AM

Is Trumps one time campaign chair the smoking gun ?   :ninja:


Paul Manafort’s botched court filing shows he colluded with an alleged Russian intelligence asset


Paul Manafort’s lawyers filed court documents Tuesday in response to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s allegations that he violated the terms of his cooperation deal by lying. But they made a huge mistake — by failing to properly redact the document, they made public bombshell details in the ongoing to Russia investigation.






Paul Manafort shared Trump campaign polling data with suspected Russian intelligence asset, court papers reveal


In addition to sharing data, the court papers reveal Manafort met with Kilimnik in Madrid at some point during the 2016 campaign ....


The FBI says Kilimnik served in the Russian military and has extensive connections to GRU, the Kremlin’s top intelligence agency, which played a large part in its attack on the 2016 election, according to the U.S. intel community.


https://www.nydailyn... Search Results

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Posted 09 January 2019 - 05:22 PM

I think when Mueller's investigative findings are revealed - we know only the tip of the ice burg - it will be more far reaching and devastating, not only to Trump's administration, but to the core of the unimaginably corrupt Republican political structure.


It is Trump's FEAR that he's going down that is pushing him toward conflict with government by the people.  He feels that he'd rather confuse  things by creating a fight over immigration in the belief that it will divert the attention of the public from his proven criminal activities.


Personally, I could agree to "a border wall" if it were constructed by bundling waste plastic into bundles which would be stacked to provide the proverbial barrier.  In building it, I would require the plastic being used be obtained by paying a bounty for plastic by the pound or bundle thus creating a more lucrative market for plastic recycling.


It would look something like this:


Attached File  plastic-recycling-bundles.jpg   36.82KB   0 downloads


And its construction would not only do good (imagine all the plastic that a bounty on this pollution threat would 'use' and the incomes for the homeless it would provide) but embody the legacy of this president as Trump's wall.


FYI:  Three people with 100-ft of cable could easily cross one of Trumps' 'steel' fences in less than five minutes. Considering you could stack these plastic bundles as higher than 30' tall (just expand the base and rack 'em and stack 'em) this could not only be cheaper, more environmentally sound that putting the waste plastic in a landfill (this is a way to recycle plastic),



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