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Outdoor cooker, egg shaped,

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Ya hear good things about the egg. Size is something to think about.

My number one suggestion is if they've ever talked about what they want, listen close.

Years ago someone complained for years that they didn't know what to get me. So one year I spelled it out while I was talking to them over time. Brand, size, almost to the model number. Then they discussed it with a friend and the two of them decided to get me the grill on the back porch now instead. It's been used twice in a decade.

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YES!! We love our BGE!! We actually have two.

We have the extra large size and a mini max to take camping.

When we were researching buying one, the #1 review I read for the large BGE is that they wished they'd bought the extra large.
One thanksgiving we roasted a 26lb STUFFED turkey on it! It really is like having a second outside oven.


We also recommend this item:



You can "set it and forget it"!!
It will monitor the temperature in the BGE and adjust as needed.

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BIL loves his, too.


I told him he didn't deserve anything but coal for Christmas and he said that would be fine with him, his preference would be the kind in the green bag and I could find it at Ace Hardware...

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If you go with a BGE then check out the festivals in the spring and fall that sell the demo units for a good price. We got ours at the North GA show a few years ago and my wife really likes it. Dual probe wireless thermometer and ash basket are two good accessories to have. Cowboy charcoal from Costco is best price performer.

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