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Plane clips high power line; crash kills 70 year old Florida barbecue competitor

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Plane clips high power line;crash kills 70 year old Florida barbecue competitor


A 70-year old Florida man died last Saturday afternoon in aremote area of North Paulding when his Piper single-engineairplane clipped high power lines leading from Plant Bowenand crashed into an embankment, Paulding's Sheriff's officeconfirms.

According to deputies, Paulding's 911 center was notified byGeorgia Power that their sensors reported damage to a highpower line and a PCSO deputy was dispatched to lookaround.  Once the damage to the power line wasidentified, the Deputy noticed nothing else obviouslywrong.  Later a subcontractor for Georgia Power waspatrolling the area looking for the cause of the damage anddiscovered the small airplane in a ditch.

The man was identified as Paul Lewis Deep, 70, ofMiddleburg, Florida.  His reason for being in thePaulding area was he had planned to make a surprise visit toa grandson.  He had left his home near Jacksonville Flearlier Saturday morning.  Astory about the accident appears on the channel 47Jacksonville TV station.  

Here is the release of the PCSO
(Paulding County, GA) OnSaturday October 13, 2018 at approximately 3:42 PM
Paulding E-911 received a 911 call fromGeorgia Power regarding damage to the
large transmission power lines that comefrom Plant Bowen. Once the Deputy
responded to the scene he did not seeanything obvious and made a report of the
damage to the power lines.

Later that afternoon at 5:05 PM, asubcontractor for Georgia Power was patrolling
the power lines on an all-terrain vehiclelooking for anything that could have
damaged the lines. He subsequentlydiscovered a small airplane that had crashed
into a ditch adjacent to the power linesand then called Paulding E-911 to report
what he had located. Deputies respondedto the area, and with the help of the
complainant, located a small singleengine plane (Piper PA-28-180) which appeared
to have crashed into a bank in a lowlying area. This incident occurred in an area
off of Lucas Lane which is a very ruralarea in northern Paulding County that can
only be accessed by all-terrain vehicles.

When Deputies arrived on the scene, theylocated the lone occupant of the plane
deceased in the cockpit. The male pilothas been identified as Paul Lewis Deep,
W/M, 70 YOA, of Middleburg, Florida.

The National Transportation Safety Board(NTSB) and the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) are conducting theinvestigation into the incident. Any
inquiries regarding his departure and/ordestination location, or any other
information regarding the investigationinto the crash, should be directed to the


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Since the crash site is lined up with the Cartersville runway, I'm wondering if he was attempting to land there and that's why he was so low or was headed west and high ground surprised him. I bought a flight simulator program a couple of months ago and have been flying out of the Cartersville airport on it. The high ground between Cartersville airport and Dallas has surprised me a few times and I found myself about to fly into the trees.


RIP Brother. :(

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