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Eddie Bennett

What If Our Publisher Just Went Along To Get Along With Conservative Members?

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I have seen all kind of back lash from the members, on P.com, because Pubby is not the type person to just go along to get along. I know he has more difficulty by standing his ground rather than just go along to get along. But, what kind of business man would he be? I suppose he would make more money if he sided with members who has more money to pay for membership, but that pay to play is just not what he stands for.


Of course, Pubby has to make a living from his endeavors, because he studied hard to be a journalist who went on to have a website! Pubby is kind of like the man who lit up New York City, while Thomas Edison was wishing he had done that. Thomas Edison wanted notoriety for his achievements so bad that he tried to defeat the purposes of the man who actually lit up the United States with electric light


Going along with the right person, is one thing, while going along just to get along (like with Thomas Edison) can be costly to the whole group. Don't get me wrong; Thomas Edison was a smart, and great, man. But making money was more important to him than lighting up the United States of America.




Going Along To Get Along Leads to More of the Same



If traditionalists, which are people who just go along with the way things are in their silentness are the oldest group of Americans; are their traditions just going to fade away in a few years?


People on P.com have stopped talking in terms of sociology and the way things are around here. They seem to label things as politics, and try to keep anyone from talking turkey, so to speak.


I didn't come into p.com's social network on a load of turnips, and understand the turkey talk while people sat I should be made to pack my bags, get out, and never return. Why if it wasn't for Pubby, I'd have been booted a long time ago.


What's up with that bull chit?




If there were enough people to stick with the status quo, on P.com, it might be possible to extinguish opposition. After all, the State of Georgia is about to elect another very conservative Governor. I just don't think Stacey Abrams has a chance to win, I think the guy who defaulted on loans, and ripped off farmers, will be our next Governor.

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