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Paulding stumps Alabama man who was shot seeking to elude authorities

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Paulding stumps Alabama man whowas shot seeking to elude authorities

rabbitMulti-State,Multi-Jurisdiction Vehicle Pursuit Ends in Paulding County

(Paulding County, GA) On Monday March 5, 2018 atapproximately 12:16 PM Paulding County E-911 advised thatthe Haralson County Sheriff’s Office was in pursuit of astolen white Toyota Tacoma truck on GA SR 120 West travelingtowards Paulding County.

Paulding E-911 further advised that shots had been fired atsome point during the incident. Paulding Deputiesimmediately traveled to the western side of the county totry and assist with the pursuit. Once Paulding Deputiesobserved the vehicle on GA SR 120 West (Buchanan Highway),they noticed that it appeared to have had its back glassshattered and possibly shot out.

They also noticed that it had sped away from the HaralsonCounty Deputies and it was traveling at a high rate of speedby itself, making it dangerous for other motorists on theroadway. Paulding Deputies immediately activated theiremergency equipment and pursued the suspect vehicle.

During the Paulding portion of the pursuit, Deputies wereable to sucessfully deflate one of the suspects tiresutilizing “stop-sticks”. The pursuit continued on forseveral miles but the truck gradually slowed down as thetire began to disintegrate. Eventually the truck turned ontoOld White Oak Church Cemetery Road where it drove through ahomeowner’s yard and ultimately onto the back of theirproperty where it crashed into an embankment and a tree.

When the suspect exited the vehicle he was apprehended byone of the Sheriff’s Office canines. A short time later, hewas taken into custody by the Paulding Deputies and GeorgiaState Patrol Troopers who were on scene.

Deputies immediately called for Paulding Fire/Rescue andMetroAtlanta Ambulance to examine the suspect for the canineapprehension and what appeared to be a gunshot wound to thearm.

The suspect was eventually transported to KennestoneHospital where he was treated for his injuries. It must benoted that there were no shots fired during the Pauldingportion of the pursuit. Once Paulding Deputies beganspeaking with Deputies from Haralson County, Troopers fromthe Georgia State Patrol, and Deputies from Cleburne County(Alabama), they began to get a better understanding of whattook place during this multi-state incident.

According to Deputies with the Cleburne County Sheriff’sOffice (Alabama), this incident began when a report was madethat a GMC Yukon SUV was stolen. Shortly after the theft,Cleburne Deputies spotted the stolen vehicle and that iswhen the pursuit began.

The chase traveled into Georgia where it went throughCarroll County and eventually into Haralson County. HaralsonCounty Deputies indicated that the suspect crashed thestolen GMC Yukon somewhere in Haralson County and fled onfoot. The suspect then broke into a home where he took keysto another vehicle (white Toyota Tacoma truck).

That is when gun fire allegedly erupted between lawenforcement officers and the suspect. In the midst of thatgunfire, the suspect fled again and that is when he traveledinto Paulding County where Paulding Deputies interceptedhim. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into theofficer involved shooting aspect of this case.

The suspect has been identified as Donald Brandon Hamner(W/M, 25 YOA), of Coker, Alabama. Hamner was released fromKennestone Hospital later later in the day on March 5, 2018where he was transported to the Haralson County Jail. Hamnerwill face multiple charges in several jurisdictions as aresult of this incident.

Sheriff Gary Gulledge stated, “This is a true testament tohow well we work with both our state, local, and Alabama lawenforcement partners. Thankfully this chase ended up with nocitizens, Deputies, Troopers, or Officers injured. I hopethis individual faces the full extent of what the law allowsduring his prosecution.”

If you would like more information about this case pleasecontact the Georgia State Patrol, the Georgia Bureau ofInvestigation, the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office, or theCleburne County Sheriff’s Office (Alabama). Hamner wascharged with the following offenses in Haralson County: D

-Failure to Appear (FTA) Warrant TuscaloosaCounty, Alabama
-Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer
-More charges to follow

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