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Another dumb teen, this one in Hiram, makes felonious threat

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Hiram High School StudentArrested for Making Threats

(Paulding County, GA) Hiram High School Student LaylaDeshaun Njie (B/F, 17 YOA), a junior, was arrested andcharged with Terroristic Threats (Felony)  This is thethird, possibly fourth arrest of local youths who apparentlythought it cute to write threats of shootings on walls, outloud and on social media.

This particular came to light when Deputies were speakingwith  students about a threat on social media when theywere alerted of a possible school shooting threat that wasmade on a Paulding County school bus on Wednesday February28, 2018 during the afternoon ride home.

Deputies, working in conjunction with Paulding County SchoolDistrict administrators, obtained the video from the schoolbus and confirmed that a female student stated multipletimes that she would “shoot up the school” using someexpletives and other inappropriate language.

The threatening messages reported on social media accountregarding a school shooting that was investigated at Hiramwere determined to pertain to an incident that took place inPolk County  on Thursday March 1.  Polk CountySchools were placed on lock down for a threat. Once it wasdetermined that these posts were not threats against aschool, they were removed from the social media platformthey were posted on. 

Authorities are disturbed at the number of incidents, noneof which can be ignored.

As we have been saying all week, if a student makes a threatand we can prove its validity, we will make an arrest andcharge that student with the corresponding crime, said PCSOspokesman Ashley Henson.  Parents, please have aserious and candid discussion with your children about theseverity of making these kinds of threats whether they aremade in a joking manner or not. Making threats to harmstudents at a school is NOT A JOKE.

Since the individual in this case is 17 years old, we wouldlike to make a point of clarification to our citizens aboutjuveniles and how they are charged with criminal offenses inthe State of Georgia, Henson said in a release. In the Stateof Georgia a juvenile is considered to be anyone under theage of 18. However, and this is something that most peopledo not understand; an individual can be considered to beboth an adult and a juvenile at 17 years old.

If a 17 year old commits an offense that would warrant themgoing to an adult jail, they are charged as an adult and goto an adult jail. That also means that their mugshot orbooking photograph along with their charges are subject tothe Georgia Open Records Act and are open for the Sheriff’sOffice to release or anyone from the public to access thisinformation. *

If a 17 year old commits a “status offense” they would besubjected to the penalities and sentences of the GeorgiaDepartment of Juvenile Justice and the Juvenile CourtSystem. Some examples of status offenses are runaway,truancy, disorderly.

*Paulding.com has chosen not to publish thephotos of the teens charged in these cases

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