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New research finds that prosecutors give white defendants better deals than black defendants.

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This may come as a surprise to some of you. Others who asked for proof will now say that life isn't fair, don't get in trouble in the first place. Convictions rarely come because of a jury of your peers. Many can't afford the legal costs of a fair defense and have no choice but to plea bargain.



A new study from Carlos Berdejó of Loyola Law School demonstrates for the first time that there are significant racial disparities in the plea deals white and black people receive on misdemeanor charges—with black people facing more severe punishments.

Berdejó analyzed 30,807 misdemeanor cases in Wisconsin over a seven-year period and found that white people facing misdemeanor charges were more than 74 percent more likely than black people to have all charges carrying potential prison time dropped, dismissed, or reduced. And white people with no criminal history were substantially more likely to have charges reduced than black people who had no criminal history.

This suggests, as Berdejó concludes in his report, that prosecutors use race to judge whether a person is likely to recidivate when deciding what plea to offer.





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While not disagreeing with the findings; one critical observation is that the research needs to go a step further.

I'll give you an analogy. In the case of people hiring, the person who gets the break and gets the job often reminds the person doing the hiring of themselves. I would posit that button down prosecutors are more likely to give someone who generally reminds them of themselves than someone whose culture and attitude is alien to them.


Traditionally this kind of discrimination would have been happening with WASPs arrested the Irish Catholic or when the Irish Catholic prosecutor was called upon to deal with the Italian or Puerto Rican.


So, while it obviously is 'racial' it is also social/cultural/ That 'racially neutral' approach to discrimination is what allows the Irish Catholic cop in Queens to go home and sleep at night with the thought that he is not a bigot. The same holds true for at least a two-digit percentage of the WASP deputies in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. The sad part is there are a portion of those whose discriminatory acts are based on racism that just choose to portray their bigotry as coming from the less despicable cultural and social source.


Of course, from the perspective of the person who is being discriminated against, they're going to call it the one that makes them feel best.


Probably the most honest thing anyone could do is say to hell with the semantics and recognize it all as the bigotry that it is.



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Doing things illegal is only as dangerous as bigoted people think it is. But, bigots are the dumbest people on earth.


I think that illegal immigrants get the best deal from the white bigots a lot of which runs the law. If you consider the large incarceration rate in this country and the huge number of people held in prison, there is no doubt that it is indeed a big profit making business.


Why then do the bigots, who run a lot of the law in this country, want to deport illegal immigrants? It seems to me that it would be more profitable to house them in prison for their illegal activity of violating the immigration law.


Do bigots have it all figured out, or are there some illegal activity they just let slide and concentrate more on black citizens of the United States?



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