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Torn diary tips SO to resident's sordid history as child molester

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Torn diary tips SO toresident's sordid history as child molester

(Paulding County, GA) In June of 2017 Detective SergeantLenny Carr, of the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office CrimesAgainst Children Unit, met with a complainant who presentedwhatsprenger.jpgappeared to be a diary created by suspect Timothy Sprenger(W/M, 31 YOA).

Sprenger, who formerly lived in North Dakota, is now aresident of Paulding County, Georgia. After examination ofthe diary, which had been torn into pieces and taped backtogether, it appeared that Sprenger had documented multipleincidents of child molestation against children age 6 monthsto approximately 2 years old.

After further examination of the document, it appeared thatthese incidents occurred several years ago in North Dakota.

Sergeant Carr was able to identify one of the victims (nowage 12) and locate the mother in North Dakota. Afterverifying that the timeline of the incidents matched up,authorities with the Minot Police Department (North Dakota)were notified.

Detective Krista Cousins identified and located the othervictim (now also 12 years old) and the parent who also livesin North Dakota.

Sergeant Carr then interviewed Timothy Sprenger and obtaineda full confession of the incidents and also additional actsnot listed in the documents. As a result of the interview,Detectives did not obtain any information regarding anyincidents possibly occurring in Paulding County or the Stateof Georgia.

On September 22, 2017 the State of the North Dakota issuedcriminal warrants including full extradition for one countof Gross Sexual Imposition and one count of ContinuousSexual Abuse of a Child.

Sprenger was arrested by the Paulding County Sheriff’sOffice Warrants Division on the same date. He also waivedany extradition proceedings and on October 5, 2017 he wastransported back to North Dakota.

Sprenger has been arraigned and is currently being held on a$1,000,000 bond in the Ward County Jail (North Dakota).


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