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Its time for Vichysouisse!

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We love simple soups. Maybe paired with a sandwhich, salad, or both. And as it gets hot outside, we really enjoy cold soups.


And Vichysouisse is one of our favorites. Big fat leeks, onions, white potatoes, homemade chicken stock, and some parsley and chives. We can the soup WITHOUT the cream, and it will keep forever. Then when you want a bowl, open a jar of the soup base and cut it 1 to 1 with cream, sprinkle on some chives and a grating of nutmeg, and you have dinner ready in 5 minutes or less.


A quart of the potato-leek soup base will make 2 quarts of soup and feed 5-6 people along with half or a whole sandwich. The storebought leeks are a bit pricey, but not too bad at the Farmers Market in Austell. Onions are like $0.39 a pound right now, so you can make 5-6 quarts of the soup base for $5, and then add $2 of cream or Half & Half for a pretty inexpensive meal.


I canned about 30 quarts of chicken and turkey stock 2 weeks ago. :good:


Cold Melon soups are good as well, cucumbers, minestrone, tomato bisque, crab bisque, etc.


Bon Apetite' Y'all !!!

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you are so creative whe nit comes to cooking

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Why thank you m'aam! We don't get bored with the same old same old


My new barking boston butt is terrific. Take a $-0.99/pound boston butt and rub it down with:


cup of brown sugar

cup of kosher salt

Garlic powder


Black Pepper



I cut a checkerboard pattern into the fat side, and then slather on the rub, coating all 4 sides and both ends. But in a big bowl, or whatever and cover with plastic wrap for the night in the fridge,


Next afternoon take a roasting pan with a heavy bottom, and brown the fat side first in a tablespoon or 2 of oil, then brown all 5 of the other sides for 3 to 5 minutes each. Enough to develop a bark.


Throw in 5-7 cloves of garlic, a quart of soup stock, and a bottle or so of stale left over wines that were OK to drink but have sat too long. Bring to a hard boil, and tnen cover well with aluminum foil and a lid and slide it into a 350F oven for 3-4 hours. Let cool in the fridge, and all the fat will rise and make a layer easy to remove,


Carve the big end, and shred or pull the bony end. Drain the pan juices and use the fat to make a roux in the rosting pan, and use up the pan juices and maybe some more stock if need be, Gravy is $4 to $6 a quart at Kroger, etc. I freeze half pint and pints and use them for fried chicken, or any time we are going to have chicken, pork, and a starch like rice that needs gravy. Make some cuban sandwhiches iut of the sliced pork,'


Bon Apetite' y'all

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