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What C'hall been eating lately ?

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Well, I have gotten over the poulltry show. But I did eat well for 2 weeks.....l. had a bunch of Brasilian visitors who came early and stayed for a week or so afterwards for some meetings and to visit some hatcheries, and they insisted on eating at every Chuhascaria in town....on their nickle. So we did Fogo Du Chao, the one across from the old Slimelight on Piedmont, another one in Sandy Springs, downtown, you name it.


And of course all the parties and dinners the week of the show.


So I have only gotten back into my cooking routine here for the past 2 -3 weeks or so.


Got MY GROUND Beef hamburgers for dinner tonight. Round and Sirloin with Back fat from the Rib Roast and Tee-Bones. Really good stuff even uncooked.


Last night a gorgeous Beef and Brocolli with baby corn, bell peppers and onion. Camila had 3 helpings!!! I had 3 ounds of slice roast Sirloin that was oh-so tender in the freezer sliced thin.


Sunday was our anniversary, and I did a RARE Frenched Rack of Lamb Loin, White Asparagus and potatoes. And we have a new way of baking potatoes we picked up from America's Test Kitchen where they brine washed Russets, poking them with a fork well, and baked them @ 350F to an internal temp of 205F. Then let them set for 10 minutes, put them back in slit open @450F for 10 minutes.


They will puff up out of the skins, which will be crunchy. Then cover them with the sour cream and butter.


So what have you guys been eating ?





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with this cold weather, I have been eating anything that was not nailed down lol..... i can not stand not being outside....

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