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Valentine Day Evening Meal/Traditions & Sharing ....

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Valentine Day -- Love is in the air, if not already in your family.


Mine? .. we try all year with a bit more emphasis today :)


Meal tonight is at home as we gave up the "meal out" long ago as too much other people and not just us :) (and not to mention the hassle and the long waits).


We serve what we like depending on what we are thinking about or hungry for, years past more fancy sometimes not. Tonight is more of the not ...trying a new recipe as I'm slammed with work and I just set up the crock pot early today with the hope of a great meal together.


Tonight is Beefy Nacho Soup with Tortilla Chips. I do have piece of chocolate/caramel cheesecake slices for dessert too :)

New recipe but smells great and has a lot of favorites included -- plus so easy so far! (hoping it will be good too).


What are your plans for tonight and for your dinner/supper? Any traditions to share?


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We don't really have any traditions. We're both kinda meh when it comes to Valentine's Day. We get each other something but we've never made a big deal about it. That didn't stop me from asking him for jewels though :D.


I'm making our favorite- filets, bang bang shrimp and roasted asparagus. I bought my hubby a strawberry cake but I won't be having any of it. I'm anti-fruit on cake. It's all for him!

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