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That time of year - Pine Straw Sale

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Pine Straw Time - Troop 7 is selling pine straw for $4.25 per bale (delivered). There is a 5 bale min for delivery, and payment due at time of order. Message me for the order form or you can order online at http://www.troop7online.org/Purchase-Pine-Straw. Delivery is on March 24 & 25, and deadline for orders is March 14. Drive-up purchases also welcomed at the Ingles parking lot on the 24 & 25. Monies earned will help defer the cost of summer camp, and other Scout activities. The bale price is about the same as the box stores, but delivered - a nice difference! Thanks!!


Heads up - we have a new supplier this year. For those of you that didn't like our prior supplier - please give us another try. Also - we are delivering 2-3 weeks later than we have been able to before!! I'm very excited about this. The biggest feedback that we received was that our sale was too early in the spring. We didn't have any control over the date. Now we do, and we have listened.


If you order, please put the scout's name in as paulding.com - that will help us track and appropriately credit your order. We direct the paulding.com orders to our scouts that are in tough spots right now. If you have any questions - please feel free to message me directly.


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Please consider getting your pine straw from the scouts this year!! We are delivering much later than we usually do - great for those of you that it was just too early last year.


Remember - we deliver - no mess in your vehicle. It's just about what you can get it for at the big stores when not on sale.


More importantly, you are contributing to helping young men learn how to make their way in life - they are working for the money to pay for their scouting adventures. We have fewer and fewer opportunities for young people to work and learn these lessons.


Please consider the scouts for your pine straw needs.

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