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The gift for the man who has everything (his own moonshine still)

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Posted 13 August 2016 - 12:50 AM

Copper Stills
The above is an advertisement and if anyone buys one of these things, I'll earn a commission.

That said, this is apparently a perfectly legal product kind of like a gun is a perfectly legal product.  Yep, the company sells fine copper stills with capacities from two gallons to over ten gallons.  The stills are fabricated from copper and have a variety of various uses from distilling water or even ethanol fuel. 

I've not quite figured out the legal landscape, most of erected after prohibition failed in the 1930s and at least some of it is still around.  The key part is there are both state and federal laws.

And, just as it is possible to break the law with a gun (armed robbery, assault) it is possible to get into real trouble with a 'still' capable of making moonshine. 

The feds, I kind of surmise, are very concerned about their tax receipts. The state, even though they've liberalized their law allowing craft distilling of spirits, still makes the sale difficult in a variety of ways.  (See this article).

It is important to know that Georgia's laws says that you can't have a working still operating in your home or even on your land unless it is registered ... and that may yet be in effect (I just found that they liberalized the law when writing this piece.)  

From my brief amount of research, I also discovered that if you plan to operate the still to make distilled spirits, you'll have to go through a rather onerous routine to meet federal rules that includes posting bonds, getting a federal permit (with fees) and have it available for inspection.

There is a 'free' permit (Federal) that allows you to make ethanol 'motor' fuel but my understanding is that the Sheriff, deputy or police officer finds one of these jewels on your property in Georgia, he can literally destroy it on the spot. (I remember going out with Mac Hicks in the 1990s and seeing the Dallas PD destroy a still out in the woods.)

That 'shoot first and ask questions later" might be a problem, though, if you, say, chose a small (two gallon) still, called it a sculpture  and decided to use it for 'decoration' - hence it is a piece of art.  (Notably the ones from this supplier appear to be pretty 'artsy' ...)

If you have a hard time talking fast, you never know if the authorities might exceed their authority if they find your 'moonshine still.'

Notably, the manufacturer who is making this ad available, says ownership is perfectly legal.  Prices begin about $250 and go up from there.  You can buy similar items on ebay (they've not banned them like they banned gun sales).

The laws are changing (See this AJC.com article.) and can be expected to continue evolving as the changes in the law are being pushed by those in the survivalist culture who insist that a still be available to purify water.

Check out this video from "The distillery Network" who offer a host of 'moonshine stills' in variety of sizes:

Remember to click on the image above to visit The Distillery Network.

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