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What are Chief Judge Tonny Beavers' #familyvalues?

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Reflecting on some of the cases observed in which Chief Judge Tonny S. Beavers presided, an observer may be compelled to question his family values (and ethics, but that is for another topic). For example, after being informed that a parent had upwards of eight (8) known overnight master bedroom guests (and however many unknown) in front of the children in less than two years, Tonny Beavers was of the opinion that parent had a right to find a significant other just as the children’s other parent had.


Yes the parent has the right to find happiness, but is the parent going about it in a manner that is safe for the children? Is parading likely sexually intimate partners in front of children the values Tonny Beavers instilled in his own children? If not, then why is it acceptable behavior to him now? What are Tonny Beavers #familyvalues and what values did his own parents instill in him? Does the Judge believe such conduct by a parent is SAFE for children?

EVERYONE talks about "family values" and the conversation ASSUMES that it is universal knowledge what "family values" encompasses. It IS NOT.


Sit down and list out what YOUR parents used as your "family values" when you were growing up. I'll bet you can't make a comprehensive list.



-Parental Alienation Dynamics on Facebook

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