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When should a young man come in for a tuxedo fitting for Prom 2015? Now, or as soon as possible! He shouldn't procrastinate, but instead he should plan to come in as soon as there is an opportunity.


If you're the parent/grandparent of the guy who will be going to prom, why not help him out with the process? First, go to our website to get directions http://kingtuxrentals.com/directions.html Print the directions and give them to him.


Find out how much the "out-the-door" price is going to be. We can tell you upfront, and give you an all-inclusive price. If the nation-wide chainstores won't give you a straight answer about price, it's because they want you to come to their store before sticker-shocking you.


We have 3 main price points for prom.


First is our black-and-white special. It's a black tux with white shirt, black statin vest and bow tie, shirt studs and cufflinks and shoes for $99.99. This is our best tux, but we know that some folks are on a budget. Plus the traditional black-and-white look goes with anything! Additionally, our dark chocolate brown tux is on special for $99.99 (All-Inclusive). It comes with shoes and in-stock brown-toned accessories.


Next is a black tuxedo with your choice of colored accessories (vest and tie or bow tie). Everything, including shoes, is $129.99.


The only other price-point that we have is for colored tuxes like the white dinner jacket look, grey or navy tuxes, or any other special order complete tuxedo order - $159.99 which of course, includes shoes.


Most guys, frankly, choose the middle price-point because they want to color-coordinate with their dates.


Here's a really good idea for guys going to prom. Purchase a pocket square to put in your jacket pocket. We'll fold it for you, if you like! If you take your jacket off, it's more likely that you'll be able to identify your own jacket if it has a matching/coordinating pocket square in it! It would also signal to someone else who picks yours up that it's not HIS jacket. At King Tux Rentals, pocket squares are just $5.50.


It will save the guys a trip (assuming that they want to coordinate colors) if they can come with their dates and bring the dress in. Make sure that the guy has black socks for a black tux and he's pretty much ready to go!


We accept cash or credit/debit, but if you pay in cash you'll still need to provide a card number for us to use as security - the same as you'd have to do at all rental places.


If you need additional information, you can go to our website http://kingtuxrentals.com or call us. We're happy to help! (678) 401-4999


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Great meeting you, too, Lowrider! I'm glad that you were able to see just how great our tuxedos are, as well as what an incredible value they are!


Pass along the good word, so that more folks know that we're the real deal!

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Thanks, Lowrider! For those friends who haven't come in yet and are planning on coming in, it's a good strategy to try to avoid the crowds by choosing a time other than 4 - 6 weekdays and mid-afternoon on weekends.


I suggest 10 a.m. on Saturday (before most teenagers get up in the morning!) or right at Noon on Sunday. Or -- like today, when there are few people out-and-about yet - a snow-day when there's not much snow!

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